Spring has arrived, and as the days get warmer pest activity increases.

Every Spring brings unwelcome insect pests into your home. Being proactive now can give you the upper hand to prevent unwanted infestations. The following tips can help you manage a pest free home this spring and summer.

Reduce Stagnant Water
Most pests love water! Any water source close to your home will attract pests. Repair any leaks and remove standing or stagnant water as soon as you can. These areas can become a breeding source for mosquitos and create a favourable environment for termites. Improving drainage and cleaning your gutters regularly will ensure proper water flow.

Reduce the Food Sources
Minimising potential food sources around your home and property can greatly reduce the risk of pest infestation. Waste, gardens, and pet food all commonly attract insects. Effective pest management includes emptying and cleaning dishwashers, removing unwanted and unnecessary packaging materials from stored food stocks and keeping pet food in a sealed container indoors.

Reduce Entry to Your Home
Cracks, holes, and gaps in and around fixtures and your home’s foundations will create entry for opportunistic insect pests. Use approved sealants to close gaps and focus on exterior openings that go directly outdoors. Fly and security screens are still one of the most effective ways to deter pests, so ensure they’re well maintained and they work!

Reduce Rubbish – Keep Areas Clean
Clutter, overgrown foliage and rubbish in your garden is a big welcome sign for pests. Ticks, spiders, ants, and other insects that bite and sting, love to nest in these places. Regularly clean and remove clutter from gardens and outdoor entertainment areas and pay attention to corners and the space under and around decks, steps and the front and back porch. If left unchecked, these dark, undisturbed spaces can become a home for unwanted pests.

Inspect and Treat Your Property
Treating your property with an approved insecticide can be your first line of defence against the most persistent pests. Pest Affects use an environmentally responsible, integrated pest management (IPM) approach to control pests. This involves identifying pest access points, harbourage areas and food sources and advising you on a combination of physical, cultural (lifestyle) and chemical controls. We can provide recommendations of actions that you can take, to minimise the recurrence of pests in and around your home ensuring you live pest free.
A range of low toxic and targeted products are now available, which means smaller doses can be applied only to specific pests when and if required. A Pest Affects Termite and Pest Control certified professional can visit your property for an assessment to create the right plan for you. Call us today for your free consultation.

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